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Dawna is a Certified Spiritual Counselor and Spiritual Coach, an Angel Therapy Practitioner, and a Certified Hypnotherapist.  Clients come to her for a variety of spiritual services; she can serve as your spiritual coach, your psychic counselor, your clairvoyant, and she can introduce you to your angels or help you connect/reconnect with those you have loved and “lost” as your medium.  Whatever service you seek or require, Dawna will be your intuitive personal guide to the spiritual world.

Based in Western North Carolina, Dawna provides her services by telephone or via email to clients anywhere around the world.  She has numerous clients who seek connections to members of their Sacred Teams, and she also does mediumship, psychic readings, pet/animal companion channeling and readings, or other spiritual guidance.  Please read some of the testimonials Dawna has received from her many satisfied clients to better understand how Dawna may be able to help you.

Introductions To and Connections with Members of Your Sacred Team

Each of us has a Sacred Team consisting of guides, ancestors, angels, “deceased” loved ones, etc.  We can all build better and ongoing relationships with our Sacred Teams, and Dawna can assist you in doing that.  She will take you through a process that will aid you in discovering who is on your team and provide suggestions/tools for continuing and enduring communication with them.

Ongoing Spiritual Coaching/Counseling

Once you have made a connection with your Sacred Team, you may want to gain additional tools and learn more about varying ways to create relationships with those entities.  Dawna can assist you on either a short-term or longer-term basis in learning and experiencing those tools.

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When we have “lost” people and animal companions that are close to us, we may feel we have lost a connection to them, thus magnifying our sense of loss.  As a medium, Dawna can help you to connect/reconnect with those whom you have loved and “lost,” easing the pain and loneliness you might be feeling.  She uses claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairvoyance to connect on your behalf.

"psychic readings"

If you have questions about your present and/or your future life, Dawna can help you!  You will feel more on track and more connected after a “psychic reading” with her!


Dawna is one of the most potent Spiritual Mediums on the Planet.


Marilyn Rodriguez, International best selling author, Master Healer.

A woman announced her expertise and immediately I answered.  I was broken, lost, and wanted healing.  This amazing woman asked and then listened, was gentle and caring.  One couldn’t help but feel relaxed and trust her.  She asked questions in a calm, soothing, trustworthy voice.  I wanted, needed to dump and share.  She introduced me to another level of consciousness.  I admit I didn’t understand it all and I felt ignorant.  However, if I’d been honest about it, it was her way and she would have helped me through it.  She is a comforting and caring spirit and if you can be open and honest, she is just the right person to guide you!  I totally and honestly believe in this woman’s ability to guide and complete you.


Nanci S. - Western North Carolina

I got a message from my Sacred Team a few days after the session from my Sacred Team. It was undeniably in response to the work that had begun in my session with Dawna.  My favorite part of the experience was being guided to take the time to slow down and recognize who was showing up for me. Being in the Sacred Team session with Dawna was a different experience than I’ve typically had in psychic readings with her. I was not sure what the session would entail, only that it was not quite the same format as I am used to experiencing. The energy of this session was empowering in nature, teaching me how to make connections on my own rather than waiting to be in session with someone who can make the connections for me. If this is a new experience for you, Dawna will alleviate any apprehensions you may have. She takes the time to answer questions and does not begin until you are comfortable and ready. There is no rushing with Dawna. I’ve had experiences with others that are not this way and I truly appreciate Dawna’s demeanor and pace. She has given me techniques that I have used with great success. Being in session with Dawna is very relaxed, relaxing, and comfortable. She is patient and puts me at ease.

Mrs. JJ Jones - Southern California

I think my biggest aha moment during my Sacred Team session with Dawna was when the Grandmother spirit came and spoke to me. Her energy was comforting and firm at the same time. My most enjoyable moment was seeing my mother laughing and so full of joy. I had never witnessed or experienced that growing up because my mother was always worried about presenting the right facade. The session with Dawna had an energy that was anticipatory, but also calming. She kept me focused yet allowed time for me to experience those that came forward during this session. I feel that time spent with Dawna would be helpful to anyone. It was a great experience and left me feeling more connected to my ancestors and my guides. If you are looking for connections to those that are surrounding you and wanting to guide you, Dawna is a wonderful resource.

Jo Hartwell - Portugal

Profound and heartfelt are the emotions experienced after a pet reading with Dawna Wade.  Dawna was able to tell me about my deceased pet in great detail, and gave me the gift of knowledge that my beloved dog, Raven, was happy.  Dawna not only described my beautiful Doberman, but also accurately described where he liked to run on our 80-acre property.  I was amazed and felt blessed by her reading.  Words cannot describe how wonderful and at peace she made me feel.  I would highly recommend Dawna Wade for anyone who wishes to find peace after the loss of a pet.  Dawna is truly angel guided.

Dee Thomas, Minneapolis, MN

My sessions with Dawna have always been greatly enlightening and so very helpful. My first session with her was truly life-changing. She introduced me to ancestors and angels that I’d always felt were with me but could never be sure. She also helped me to find my path, so to speak, and encouraged me to begin stepping into my power. Consequent sessions have also been extraordinarily helpful, and she always knows exactly what I need. Dawna is a very gifted, compassionate woman and a fantastic spiritual/life coach!

Betty Roberts - Asheville, NC

Additional Testimonials

Dawna Wade’s readings are not only accurate and informative, but they also touch on deeper levels of meaning underneath situations.  She’s helped me to see beyond the moment, beyond the drama, beyond the “problem” to the heart of the matter and she delivers her information with a combination of compassion and humor.

Maureen Sullivan

New York, NY

Throuout my reading with Dawna, I felt a profound sense of connection to my father who died some 10 years ago.  I received many messages about my work and personal issues that have since proven accurate.  Dawna is amazingly gifted, yet humble at the same time.

Kathryn D.

Atlanta, GA

Thank you so much for helping me to connect with my angels and my grandmother.  The guidance I received was a much needed comfort.  Keep up the good work.


Decatur, GA

I have had the pleasure of working with Dawna in two very different settings, as the production manager in a professional firm and in her work with me and my dog, Maddie.  While she was an incredibly productive co-worker, after having her work with me and Maddie, it is clear to me that her greatest gift is in the second setting.  It was obvious to me that Dawna was communicating very directly with Maddie.  Dawna’s ability to serve as a link between me and Maddie has been a source of great comfort to me and, I believe, to Maddie as well.  I am grateful to Dawna for being a source of lightness for me during an otherwise dark, very difficult period of my life.


Atlanta, GA

I think that the most important outcome of a session with you is a sense of peace, for a number of reasons.  You seemed to tune directly into Sadie’s experience as we observe it, so it was a confirmation for us that we’re on the right path in making choices for her.  Your explanations of how our relationship with her can and will continue after her passing were very comforting, and your positive, affirming words concerning that were spoken with gentleness and clarity.  We are very grateful for your sensitivity to what is a painful transition for us.

Marie Olmstead

New Hampshire

I was impressed with the way Dawna tuned in on our dog, Sadie, and what Sadie’s experience must be like right now.  I was able to relate immediately to what Dawna said about the fears Sadie might be having walking in the neighborhood.  I thought Sadie might be feeling vulnerable because there are wild animals around; we hear coyotes frequently, and we’ve had a bear steal our bird feeder a couple of times.  When Sadie was a big, strong, fierce protector, that wouldn’t have bothered her, but not now.  I definitely connected to that.

Richard Olmstead

New Hampshire

I really had no idea what to expect when I showed up for my appointment with Dawna to do a pet reading, but from the minute we met, I knew that I was in for a something special. She did not disappoint. I told Dawna that I wanted to contact my two dogs who had both died several years ago, and immediately she asked if one was a little white fluffy one, because she felt him jumping on her leg. The tears welled up in me as I recalled my jumpy little (white fluffy) Maltese, and I sat down, mesmerized by everything she recounted to me in the next 30 minutes.
When I asked Dawna, in amazement at one point, "how do you do this?" she answered "I have no idea." I felt then that I was in the presence of someone safe and real and, at that point, allowed myself to just believe. The reading had a profound effect on me. It's very difficult to put into words, but what I can say that I felt comforted and more connected to the world than I previously had. Dawna told me stories about my two dogs, a little bit about my cat, but also located my grandmother and great grandmother, which somehow made me feel not so alone and like the potential for my (or any) life was so much greater, broader, grander than anything of which I could possibly conceive.
I have since purchased gift certificates to have readings done by Dawna for friends, and have urged everyone I know, everyone who has the slightest an open mind and willingness to believe in things they themselves cannot see, to experience this. What she does is truly a gift and, based on my reading, is a real service to those who are seeking those answers.
Allison G.
Atlanta, GA

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